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City Reflections


“City Reflections” is a series of photographs depicting reflections from downtown buildings installed in the alcoves of 5 windows on the old Florida National Bank Building (otherwise known as the Trio Marble Bank Building). The installation is a puzzle of sorts for observers to solve. Where were these taken, what building is being photographed, and what is being reflected?

The “reflection” subject of the series seemed appropriate for the windows. The downtown context of each image enforces the notion that our city is a very interesting place, and its buildings form a visual interplay of light and forms. Hopefully those who pass will now take the time to observe and enjoy our downtown.

The buildings and their reflected subjects:

Prudential reflects Gulf Life
Omni reflects Bank of America
Wachovia reflects Suntrust, AT&T, 550
Suntrust reflects Bank of America
Independent reflects The Landing