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Art Transforms Downtown Jacksonville

Beyond the Facade - BarnettBeyond the Facade - Trio

“Beyond the Façade” is an idea that incorporates the use of buildings and structures as display areas for 2D and 3D artwork. We are exploring the use of these surfaces for large scale images individually and collectively on single buildings and themed installations on multiple structures.

Currently the landscape of abandoned buildings, empty storefronts, and “Available” signage is the driver of depressed states of consciousness for the city of Jacksonville. By creating interest, curiosity, and observer interaction, we can begin to transform the downtown experience to a positive one.

For the One Spark Festival held in April 2013, we demonstrated the effectiveness of large scale images within the window alcoves of two vacant buildings on Laura St (between Adams and Forsyth). My goal was to experiment with several materials and presentations to gain experience with ways to produce and install large images and gain feedback from observers on the effectiveness of the ideas.

This website provides ongoing documentation of the installations and will be updated as we add to the project. We would appreciate your feedback and encourage you to visit and experience the installations first hand. Thank you.